Deadline for
submitting data
to the next Smiling Report

Start preparing now!

Prepare to join by tagging your clients to an industry, and the questions in all your survey forms that are related to the categories, smile, greeting and add-on sales. Then it will be easy for you to pull the data immediately after the end of the year. Please talk to your IT-company already now and you will be able to participate in the Smiling Report in an efficient way.
MSPA Europe/Africa will post more info at the MSPA website closer to the deadline. Meanwhile if you have any questions, please contact Bernarda Blazek.  

The Smiling Report

The Smiling Report will be published every year in Q1. 

The report was founded 2004 by Better Business World Wide, and is now managed by the trade organisation MSPA Europe/Africa.
Mystery Shopping providers in Europe, Africa, Asia, North- and South America have contribute with data from more than 28 million evaluations in 69 countries.

Managed by
MSPA Europe/Africa
Founded by
Better Business World Wide